Sex parties in family street

Our reporter at the property in Great Linford
Our reporter at the property in Great Linford

A BROTHEL selling lunchtime orgies in the middle of a quiet street has been uncovered by the Citizen.

Ultimate Indulgence has been advertising ‘Bonk Fests’ out of their location at 57 Gibbwin, Great Linford.

The afternoon orgies cater for several men having sex with up to three women at a time for a fee of £150.

Customers have been told false house numbers in the street, but were told to call when they are outside to be signalled in.

On the Ultimate Indulgence forum, one poster, SophieMK13 wrote: ‘The ladies are offering a new service at the moment, which, by want of better words, is called a Bonk Fest.

‘Basically, it is £150 for 1.5 hours with three ladies, not all together but one at a time, do you have the stamina?’

The address also offers individual ‘massage’ sessions with a range of women for a fee.

A Citizen reporter arranged for a visit and was offered full sex for a fee on top of the initial arrangement. He visited the address as scheduled, before leaving.

On its website, Ultimate Indulgence describes its service as providing: ‘...the ultimate massage in private luxury for the discerning gentleman, offering a service second to none.

‘Our hostesses know how to take you to heaven (in the best possible way).

‘Discretion and professionalism at all times, a warm welcome will greet you. Ultimate Indulgences await to fly you to the pleasure dome.

‘Our lovely masseuses know how to use their hands and will manipulate every Muscle in your body so you will tingle with pleasure, need I say more.’

A dossier of information gathered by the Citizen has been passed on to Thames Valley Police.