Shake-up call for city home care


The council’s suspension of one of its home care providers has prompted calls for a urgent review of the entire service.

CRG Homecare, which is based in one of the units in Bletchley Park, failed to meet four vital standards out of five in its most recent Care Quality Commission inspection.

The CQC was not satisfied about the company’s care and welfare of its clients or its management of their medicines.

Milton Keynes Council had already suspended the CRG Homecare from looking after its elderly or disabled clients due to concerns about the quality of care.

Now leading Labour councillors are concerned about the standard of other home care services throughout the city.

They are worried about the price per hour paid to providers, some of whom pay below the living wage.

Labour Cabinet boss for Health, Nigel Long. said: “We are committed to undertaking a review of home care services in the city.

“We want high quality services and we want providers that deliver quality services and deliver the living wage.”

Mr Long says the review should involve service users and well as providers and key partners.

Every year more than 567,000 hours of care are delivered through the council to residents in their own homes all over the city.

Many of them are dependant upon carers to get them up in the morning, prepare them meals and put them to bed at night.

But despite the huge responsibility and physical exertion of the job, some carers are paid little more than the minimum wage.

Said Mr Long: “Home care services are the vital lifeline that allows older and disabled residents to stay in their homes for as long as they are able to.

“The services are vital to meeting the challenged of an aging society.

“We need a thorough review and will consider a range of options.”