Shakespeare comes to life in theatrical festival

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Westbury Arts Centre has announced a selection of playlets by William Shakespeare as part of its two-day theatrical festival in September.

The festival will showcase the talents of a range of theatre groups based in Milton Keynes and sees the actors coming together to create some new and exciting theatrical performances.

AlleyWay Theatre Company will be performing The Tempest Within in the Barn Gallery on Saturday, September 14. The production has toured the country this summer and will be returning to Westbury Arts Centre for the finale of its 2013 season.

The actors are all based in Milton Keynes and have experience in film, television and stage work. This is the second year the guild of actors has come together for the Heritage Open Weekend at Westbury Arts Centre, and have now produced a show that ranges from Cleopatra, Katherine of Aragon, Taming of the Shrew and sonnets.

The guild of actors has increased from seven to 17 from the pilot event last year, with some sections of the performance in full makeup and costumes, and others with only the actor to carry the audience along the Shakespearean journey.

The programme is a range of enigmatic comedies, historical plays and great tragedies and has been created for the whole community to enjoy. The performances will offer creative responses to the work of Shakespeare, some will be contemporary, and some will have a personal twist, with the actors creating their own interpretations of Shakespeare’s work.