Sharon’s sandwich board lands her much-needed full-time job

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A WOMAN so desperate for work that she walked the streets of Milton Keynes with her CV on a sandwich board has finally landed a job.

As first reported in the Citizen, Sharon Shachar, from Coffee Hall, had had enough of being unemployed after being made redundant by the hospital and was desperately seeking a full-time job.

“I really want to get back into work – I am getting bored of my own company,” Sharon said at the time.

After several fruitless trips to the JobcCentre, Sharon decided enough was enough and chose a novel new approach to getting her name out there.

She decided to wear a sandwich board in the square outside Central Milton Keynes train station and around the shopping centre in a bid to attract potential employers.

And the trick worked – on the back of her stunt, she was offered an interview with council contractors Mouchel. She landed the job and started in her new role on Wednesday.

“I can’t tell you what a relief it is,” said a delighted Sharon. “With Christmas coming up, I was beginning to get a bit upset and worried by it all.

“I didn’t know what else to do, and I thought it would improve my chances of finding work.

“And I was offered an interview when I went out with the board, so it obviously did the trick.

“It is a full-time admin position, so I’m over the moon. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”