Shed fire starts to spread to house

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Firefighters are urging people to be careful what they store in their sheds - and how close their sheds are to their homes - following a fire in Newport Pagnell yesterday (23/5).

Crews from Newport Pagnell and Great Holm received the first of six 999 calls to the incident in Huxley Close shortly after 3pm.

Watch Manager Mark Robinson from Newport Pagnell Fire Station said: “The fire broke out in a garden shed and it developed very quickly because paraffin and gas cylinders were being stored in it. At one point the flames were 15 or 16 feet high.

“Because the shed was so close to the house, the fire started to spread to the side of it, catching the guttering and eaves.

“Crews did extremely well to prevent it from causing further damage to the house - another minute and it could have been a different story.”

Firefighters used two hose reels to put out the fire. They were at the scene for about 45 minutes and returned at 5pm to carry out a reinspection.

You can reduce the risk of a fire in your shed or outbuilding by following these simple tips.

Make sure hazardous substances are stored securely in approved containers.

Only store what you need to use – dispose of any unwanted chemicals correctly and return empty cylinders to the manufacturer (details are on the shoulders of the cylinder).

Reduce the risk of deliberate fire and theft by keeping your shed or outbuilding in a good state of repair and secure. Consider directing a security light on to it as a deterrent.

Take care with electrical items such as TVs and radios – look out for signs of dangerous or loose wiring and never overload sockets. Unplug appliances when not in use.

Never put a barbecue into a shed while it is still hot as it can easily cause a fire.