Shocking secret sessions of hare coursing in MK

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Illegal hare coursing sessions are being held by cruel gamblers in a field just outside Newport Pagnell.

Police are asking for witnesses of the criminal activity so they can prosecute the perpetrators.

Hare coursing, described as “deliberate, brutal and shocking” by the RSPCA, is a banned blood sport involving hounds.

The participants spread in a line across a field, disturb the hare from its home and release the dogs to give chase./

They then bet large sums of cash on which dog will catch the hare first. Once killed, the body is discarded and the hunt moves to another field.

Police say coursing is more likely to take place at dawn or dusk but can also happen in broad daylight.

Officers were alerted to the Newport Pagnell field, which is to the east of the town, after reports of fresh tyre marks found over the land early in the morning of January 11.

Hare coursers often travel in convoys from all over the country and have a sophisticated information network and knowledge of rural areas.

Police advise members of the public never to confront participants as “violent confrontations” could occur.

Last year Thames Valley Police staged several successful prosecutions for hare coursing, which carries a maximum fine of £5,000.

Anybody with any information about the Newport Pagnell activity should call police on 101 and quote URN 691.