Shopkeeper loses hundreds of pounds after bee invasion: ‘It was like a horror film’

Swarm of bees on Newport Pagnell High Street
Swarm of bees on Newport Pagnell High Street

Five people were trapped inside a jewellery store when a swarm of bees invaded Newport Pagnell High Street yesterday.

Owner of Andrew Charles Jeweller, David Lill, says he lost hundreds of pounds after being forced to shut up shop for the afternoon.

“Some people thought it was a bit of laugh, but it wasn’t for me,” he said.

“It was like a horror film - there were hundreds upon hundreds of bees outside the shop - who would have wanted to go near it?

“We had to Sellotape the keyhole to stop them getting in. It would have been awful if they had got into our ceiling because that’s you stuck with them for weeks.”

Thames Valley Police officers called in a local beekeeper to help remove the insects, but some managed to resist the hive and ended up on the ground outside a charity shop.

“It was like a horror film”

David Lill, owner of Andrew Charles Jeweller

Mr Lill says it is not the first time a swarm of bees have caused havoc in Newport Pagnell.

He said: “It seems to happen once a year - I just hope they choose someone else next time.”