Shoppers ‘driven away’ during the rugby world cup

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Questions have been raised over the impact on city businesses during the Rugby World Cup.

An end-of-year progress report has indicated there was “a departure from expected visitor numbers” to the centre of Milton Keynes during the 10-day sporting event.

Councillor Ric Brackenbury has called for an investigation into why fewer people paid to park in October.

Mr Brackenbury said: “While the overall picture from parking income is on track, it’s worrying to hear there was a dip during the Rugby World Cup.

“We’ve asked the cabinet member to look at whether the benefit for local business wasn’t as big as claimed, or whether major events discourage people from city centre parking.”

The dip means the council will fall £98,000 short of a £4million parking charge intake forcasted in February.

In May the Labour cabinet increased standard bays from