Sick thieves unscrew and steal iPads from children's ward at Milton Keynes Hospital

MK Hospital boss hits out at sick thieves who had the audacity to unscrew iPads from tables in the children’s ward and make off with them.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 2:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 2:31 pm
MK Hospital

Over the past few weeks up to 15 iPads have been stolen or vandalised so badly they can no longer be used.

The machines are a vital aid for keeping young patients distracted during procedures or entertaining them when they are bedridden.

Hospital chief executive Joe Harrison took to social media to vent his anger at the thefts, which took place on Wards 4 and 5 and even the specialist Children’s A&E area.

MK Hospital

His outburst caused a wave of generosity from the community. Sainsbury's and Argos promptly pledged 10 new iPads, while members of the public walked into the hospital reception to donate machines.

But sadly the hospital fears the new iPads will disappear too. One member of staff said: “As fast as we supply them to the children’s areas, they get stolen. It’s awful.”

The answer is to put the iPads in special theft-proof cases, similar to those used in McDonalds.

These make the gadgets impossible to remove or vandalise. But they cost £300 apiece .

Sad sign of the times as hospital staff explain the missing iPads

The hospital is now running an appeal to raise money for 15 of the cases, which will be attached firmly to overbed tables.

Call 01908 996220 or email [email protected] if you would like to donate.

Mr harrison said: “We use iPads on our children’s wards to keep our young patients entertained and to also show them useful information, like how scans and some of our treatments work, to make the hospital environment feel less daunting at what can be a stressful time for them and their families.

“On average, an iPad is stolen or vandalised in either our paediatric emergency department or on our children’s wards each month. It is so disappointing and cruel that the selfish actions of a few can deprive many patients from using something which can help to improve their visit to the hospital.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response to this news and I would personally like to thank all of the individuals and companies that have made kind offers of donations. It proves that Milton Keynes truly is a community that cares about its residents and is committed to continually making its hospital a better place for local people.”