Sideways look at Milton Keynes: You can’t undermine Winston’s legacy

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

Crikey! Apparently some little poppet’s been making a right pest of herself decrying the image of Winston Churchill!

Without who, of course, such specimens would have been thrown into slave labour camps, without even a hint of human rights.

And Winston a racist?

Hmm, I suppose Hitler wasn’t!

Just goes to prove an increasing number of political students ain’t the sharpest on the planet – probably why they take the subject.

But enough of this and on to some local legacies, and firstly the wife of Albert Hurst, who began a general engineering works in Denmark Street, Bletchley.

For a while before her marriage she had been lady’s maid to Clementine Hozier, who later became Lady Churchill. As for Jack Cawthorne, who having retired to Stoke Goldington was landlord for some years of the White Hart, he had spent 25 years in the City of London Police, and is seen in a famous photograph standing next to Churchill, then Home Secretary, during the Siege of Sidney Street in 1911.

But Churchill’s finest hour was, of course, during the Second World War and in 1958 for use as a sports pavilion Deanshanger Cricket Club bought a railway carriage which, from information at Wolverton Works, had been the armour plated coach used by Churchill to travel to military conferences. Yes, Winston’s legacy is too armour plated to be troubled by the rantings of juvenile irrelevants.

Providing food for thought? Get real! They should be sent to bed early more like, with no supper.