Sideways look at Milton Keynes: British tolerance means they are queuing to get in

It makes one proud to be British.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 11:43 am
Updated Friday, 19th January 2018, 11:47 am

Well, let’s qualify that. It makes one proud to be multi-cultural British.

For nowhere was this more evident than – oh how the trauma lingers – during the closing of one of my favourite bargain stores in Bletchley.

No sooner had the “50% off everything” sign gone up than hordes of every creed and colour descended upon the carcass.

John Taylor

But was there fighting in the aisles? Histrionics?

Not a bit of it.

What a joy to see orderly queuing, shoppers excitedly discussing their bargains, helping each other with heavy items.

Gad, I could have welled up. And were there bargains to be had!

John Taylor

How I ever managed without a set of illuminated floating bath ducks I’ll never know. But the moral is, apart from religious nutters, how those from foreign climes have integrated into society, and in the British tradition been accepted.

In fact on Come Dine With Me (yes!) a newly arrived Polish lady was asked how she’d first viewed the Brits. Apparently Brits were over faffing with politeness while Poles were very direct.

Hmm, sounds about right, but they’re soon nudged into shape! Many newcomers are fleeing oppressive regimes, so will quickly suss those political specimens now trying to muzzle a free press to screen their misdoings.

Yet by definition not the brightest sparks since it will be all over social media!

So long live Brit tolerance.

Whether it’s bargain stores or the UK, no wonder they’re queuing to get in.