Sideways look at Milton Keynes: The dating game becomes ever more complicated

Following my recent conversion to Come Dine With Me, while channel surfing, I came across Celebrity Dinner Date.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 11:11 am
Updated Thursday, 25th January 2018, 3:22 pm
What is True Romance?

Nice, methinks, no doubt a programme of similar ilk; possibly a distinguished professor of advanced neuroscience seeking romance.

Or an acclaimed thespian of international repute.

Some hope!

John Taylor

Invariably it turned out to be some oik possessed of five minutes of fame from some mind-numbing reality show or soap. Stone the crows, is there no end to this dumbing down?

But nowadays it seems there’s the trend for online dating, which as far as I can tell appears to be the Gumtree of finding relationships, where all manner of suspect merchandise is dumped from which to pick at your peril.

Indeed, as a reluctant conscript to emails, I now find that from out of the ether come unsolicited invites to “dating for the over 55s” websites, where often it seems the offering more than the site is deserving of a priority virus check.

But back to Dinner Date where after all that graft of cooking, the three wannabes anxiously wait to see if the “celeb” picks them for their “top end restaurant” date.

John Taylor

And so to the programme’s conclusion where invariably the narrator announces: “Saddo and Laddo are still single, and Miss Twinkletoes and her date exchanged numbers but haven’t been on a second date.”

What a waste of time!

But then sadly I suppose one can’t expect every first date to result in a happy ending.