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MPMC A&E logo Citizen campaign

Support has been flooding in to back our campaign for a new A&E at MK Hospital.

Readers have emailed to congratulate the Citizen for its initiative launched jointly with city MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart.

Comments included: “Well done to the Citizen for the campaign; as one of the fastest growing areas in the UK, we need a new A&E and better facilities.”

One reader stated: “MK continues to grow as a city and we need an A&E to meet the needs of residents.” And another added: “Milton Keynes has needed a larger A&E unit for many years but also needs a bigger hospital.”

Last week we highlighted the urgent need for a new A&E unit at the hospital’s Eaglestone site which was built in the 80s to cater for 20,000 patients.

It now sees 73,000 patients every year with facilities stretched to the limit.

Mr Lancaster said: “Doctors are nurses are doing a fantastic job at caring for patients in a facility designed to accommodate a third of the people it treats. I am determined that with Iain, and the backing of the Citizen, we will push to secure the £20 million from government to create a new A&E for our growing population.”