Sign up now for Community Alarm system

People are being urged to take up the council’s Community Alarm and Telecare Service as nights draw in.

The service was established in 1987, and offers a 24 hour, 365 day a week, social alarm service which could prove invaluable in giving vulnerable residents extra support when the cold weather can cause health problems by alerting services at an early stage.

A spokesperson for the alarm service run by Milton Keynes Council said: “We wanted to let people know, that with the cold weather approaching and the nights drawing in that this valuable service is available to them.”

The service currently has 5,462 connections across Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas and ever month on average deals with, 130 calls for ambulances, nine calls for the Fire Brigade, four calls for the Police, 41 calls for doctors, 227 calls offering reassurance to service users and

2,343 test calls ensuring alarm equipment was working correctly.

The service also has a mobile warden response and in September they were dispatched to service users on 216 different occasions.

The service has come along way since its early days and has introduced a range of intelligent sensors to overcome risks within the home, including alerting Control Room staff when a room becomes uncomfortably cold. Equipment such as this can literally be a life saver to vulnerable citizens.

An installation of a Community Alarm can be arranged within a few days, and if the individuals would like the addition of Telecare sensors this will be followed by an assessment carried out by a member of the Telecare Team. These assessments are based on the risk and with agreement of the individual a range of sensors will be recommended and installed.

To find out more on how this service might be able to help you call them on MK 222616.

Milton Keynes Community Alarm service are also offering to give organisations a talk on the services they can offer. If you are interested please call Diane Langford on MK 252777.