Signature typeface is invented just for MK

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Modern, clear and full of perfect roundabout-style circles is a description even the biggest new city cynic could attribute to Milton Keynes.

Now those features, like them or loathe them, are set to make history – at least in the world of typography.

For this month saw the launch of the city’s very own typeface.

Called Milton Keynes Regular, the font is the brainchild of city-based designer Robert Rusin.

“It seems ideal with its modern style and being so easily readable,” said Robert.

He describes the font as modern, clear in appearance, and with a distinctive use of serifs (decorative extensions of letters).

Already he is “pleased beyond expectations” with the public’s response to his creation.

It is fully Microsoft-compatible and installable for use in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and most design software programmes.

Robert launched Milton Keynes Regular at the beginning of September. Within three days almost 2,000 people had download the new font.

“It certainly seems a very welcomed addition to the hundreds of professioanl fonts already in existence,” said Robert.

“More observant people would recognise MK specific shapes all over it it – for example perfect circles, sharp corners and the geoetric yet unobtrusive feel of it.”

He is now planning further versions of the typeface so people can use it in light, italic or bold.

“I get asked why I design these things and my answer is always the same: nobody has done it like this before. It has got Milton Keynes at the heart.”

Robert is known for his work in producing Milton Keynes art prints and posters, which he distributes all over the world.

He recently designed the trophies for Milton Keynes Business Achievement awards.