Signs of protest

Graffiti artists are protesting the innocence of convicted murderer Barri White and his friend Keith Hyatt on walls, bridges and signs all over the city.

Barri, aged 22, was jailed for life 10 days ago for the murder of his girlfriend, Rachel Manning while Hyatt, aged 49, was jailed for five years for helping to dispose of her body at Woburn Golf and Country Club.

Both men are set to appeal against the convictions and their supporters are organising protests and petitions.

The first protest took the form of a huge banner across a bridge near Bradwell Common, but this was removed possibly by police within hours.

Then graffiti appeared on bridges and underpasses around Central Milton Keynes.

The latest slogans, saying 'Barri White is innocent', 'Keith Hyatt is innocent' and 'Get them out' were sprayed on the walls of JJB sports at Westcroft Barri's former workplace.