Silver Surfers learn about the internet

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Residents at Milton Keynes’ newest retirement village have run a Spring Online event to support over 60s at The ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s Village who want to learn about the internet.

The Silver Surfers group at Shenley Wood Village offered a drop-in service on Friday, to allow any residents or friends of the Village to come and learn anything from basic computing skills or online shopping to researching their family history.

Village Activity Facilitator Lauren McMillan said: “We had about 20 residents take this up on the day, including 88 year old Barbara Sellers who had everyone in stitches as she was franticly trying to wipe what she thought to be a fly off the screen – it turned out to be the mouse pointer!”

Brian Warwick, who will be moving into Shenley Wood in the autumn, runs the Silver Surfers group and, despite not yet living in the Village, is in the IT Suite every day to help residents with any computer or internet queries they may have.

Lauren said: “Brian’s time is something we have all been so grateful for especially when people were moving into the Village, and he was regularly called upon to connect up TVs, phones and computers.”

Phase 2 of Shenley Wood Village will open in the autumn.