Sinead looking for venue to party

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A TEEN suffering from long term health issues is preparing a party to celebrate creating her own charity.

Sinead Petworth-Kenny, from Conniburrow, set up charity Long Term UK, and was recently commended at the Citizen’s Pride of MK awards for her work.

But now she is looking for help to organise a party at the end of the month to celebrate her award and the charity’s work in the community.

“I am planning a party to celebrate what I have gone through and achieved,” Sinead said.

“I hope to raise some money through collections for the charity.

“I thought it was a good idea to have a night to relax and a good time with people after what I have gone through, and to have something to look forward and to celebrate my achievements.”

Sinead suffers from asthma, anaemia, neuritis and many allergies which have made her life both physically and emotionally tough growing up.

Her charity, Long Term UK (LTC UK) is in need of donations to continue the great work she does, supporting those suffering from long term health conditions.

Sinead is look for some help in organising the event, searching for a suitable venue and a DJ to get things going.

“The party wont be big but I want it to be special night,” she said.

“I am looking for a good venue that is good size and that has a entertainment and alcohol licence, and am looking into having some nice transport.

“I would be grateful if anyone has a hall or venue that they can hire to us for free on that night or help towards the costs because as a charity, I am relying on the kindness of people to help me out.”

Sinead is organising the party to take place on Saturday January 29. If you can help Sinead by providing a venue or entertainment for it, or would like to send a donation, contact her via her Long Term UK Facebook page.