Six weddings, four funerals and 999 calls

Police call outs to weddings and funerals revealed
Police call outs to weddings and funerals revealed

Fisticuffs at weddings and funerals are prompting 999 calls to police on almost a monthly basis in Milton Keynes.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that rowdy receptions and marauding mourners have all sparked punch-ups so serious that the intervention of officers is required.

So far this year cops have been forced to gatecrash six weddings and four funerals.

The sad statistic makes Milton Keynes the wedding and funeral punch-up capital of the region.

The offences committed at funerals include assault, domestic violence and problems with obstructive parking.

And the culprits were guests, relatives and an ex-partner of the deceased.

At weddings the problems include anti-social behaviour, drugs, dangerous driving and common assault.

Among the offenders were a bridesmaid, a bridegroom, and a brother of the bride.

Over the entire Thames Valley region police were called 62 times to incidents at weddings and funerals in 2015.

Bestselling celebrity author GP Taylor, who used to be a vicar, was not surprised at revelations.

In his 13 years as a man of the cloth he said he witnessed some incredible sites at weddings and funerals - and claimed alcohol was usually at the root of them.

“There was one incident in when the service went well but once this family all left the church and moved outside, they all just started fighting,” said Mr Taylor.

“It got so out of control they brought a dog handler in - it was absolute carnage. There were people running around with blood on their shirts, which had been ripped in the scuffle while people were screaming and crying.”

Milton Keynes’ offences pale in comparison to some elsewhere in the country.

In East Yorkshire a bride’s parents were arrested after hurling expletives at the groom’s family.

And in perhaps the most shocking incident, one guest at a Derbyshire wedding was arrested for rape.

Experts say any time of intense emotion can make people be fractious.