Skippy the kitten was thrown in rubbish bin

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A kitten who was thrown away in a rubbish bin has won the hearts of burly refuse collectors.

The blind newborn kitten was callously tossed into a bin in the Milton Keynes area.

Refuse collecting staff from Cawleys did not spot him when they tipped the contents of the bin into their lorry.

It was only when they reached their depot in Luton that they heard a tiny plaintive mew from underneath the piles of waste.

“We had to shift a foot of rubbish before we found him,” Cawleys transport controller Lescha Marshall said.

“One of the drivers pulled him out and passed him to me.

“I got a piece of carpet from the workshop and wrapped him in it.

“We took him into the office and managed to wet his lips. We could see he was really young and really hungry.”

Staff then took the kitten to Luton’s Feline Cat Rescue, where he is being bottle fed every couple of hours.

This week the kitten was gaining strength and feeding well.

“He is adorable,” said one Cawleys employee.

It is not known which part of Milton Keynes he came from as Cawleys empty bins and skips from business premises and addresses all over the city,

Skippy’s future is now looking rosy, with at least one Cawleys worker determined to give him a home when he is old enough to leave the rescue centre.