Slave camp probe could move to MK

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CASES investigating the disappearance of homeless people in Milton Keynes could be reopened after police uncovered a slavery camp at a traveller site in Little Billington.

Raids in the early hours of Sunday morning found 24 slaves had been working on Green Acres Caravan Park for a gipsy gang.

The slaves found had their heads shaved and all their personal belongings taken away on the promise of food, a home and a job by the gangmasters.

Six years ago, police in Milton Keynes were investigating the abduction of 49-year-old Alfie Locker, who was believed to have been snatched by a gipsy gang understood to be operating from a nearby caravan site.

The investigation into his disappearance uncovered a similar ring, where homeless people were offered money and a place to stay to carry out jobs for them.

Det Insp Sean O’Neil, part of the Bedfordshire Police team carrying out the operation, believes the homeless had been targeted to work with the gipsies.

He said: “It is a horrendous crime which has preyed on the most vulnerable people in society.”

After the Citizen notified police to the previous investigation, Supt Nikki Ross, area commander for Milton Keynes, said Thames Valley Police would be liaising with Bedfordshire Police in their investigations.

Supt Ross said: “There is no suggestion at this time of any links between the recent incidents we have seen in Bedfordshire and the Milton Keynes area.

“Thames Valley Police is aware of some anecdotal reports of similar offences that were reported on a number of years ago in Milton Keynes, though no offences of this nature were ever reported to us.

“However, we will be liaising with Bedfordshire Police to verify there are no links between this recent incident and Milton Keynes.”