SLIDESHOW: A look back through the Citizen archives

Citizen photographer Colin Bridges takes a delve through our archives with a look back at the Milton Keynes Mirror from 1980.

And you’d be forgiven for thinking the front page picture of the edition of January 9, was taken at a local curling game, which would have been topical, with the British team having just won silver at the Winter Olympics in Soshi.

However, on closer examination, the picture clearly shows two women, not with ‘curling brushes’ but mops at the ready for the annual clean-out of the Bletchley Leisure Pool! A case of putting having to put work before leisure.

The front page lead story talks of plans for a Milton Keynes heliport with a number of test flights from the city to Heathrow Airport announced to demonstrate, and appease critics, as to how quiet the helicopter would be.

British Airways wanted a 15-year licence to ferry passengers, mail and cargo on the planned heli-route - which evidently never took off!

Inside features a report about the arrival of Popmobility - a fun way to fitness by exercising to pop music. It was introduced in Bletchley to help people get fit and alleviate boredom for young and old alike. It was stated that numerous groups up and down the country had taken up Popmobility and that even both Manchester United and Watford Football Clubs regularly participate in the exercise as a variation to their usual training routine!

And 1980 was a very tough year for local government finances - some things never change - with a ‘rates rise shock’ announcement of a 23 per cent increase in rates (today’s council tax).

Milton Keynes Council’s budget, freezing council tax for a further 12 months, was pushed through on Wednesday night. But back in 1980 Bucks County Council’s proposed increase was recommended to mitigate rising inflation, with the owner of a three bedroomed semi having to pay £242 a year.