Snakes alive ... pair sleep at Milton Keynes civic offices

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A terrified mum and son slept the night on the floor of the civic offices after they were forced out of their flat by SNAKES.

But hard-hearted council oficials only only allowed Priscilla Poku and five-year-old Jziha floor space because police ordered them to, the Citizen can reveal.

“I can’t believe the way we were treated. It was terrible,” said the 23-year-old single mum.

A student at Bedfordshire university, Priscilla was in the bathroom of her New Bradwell flat with son Jziha late in the evening when she saw a three foot long snake in the corner of the room.

“All I could do was scream,” she said. “Where I come from in Ghana snakes are killers –you see one and run.”

As Priscilla fled the council flat with Jziha she spotted another identical snake in her kitchen.

She dialled 999 and the emergency number for the council. But by the time the worker arrived the snakes, which had escaped through a plumbing gap from a reptile-loving tenant below, had slithered into hiding.

Too scared to stay, Priscilla paid to stay at a hotel for two nights. Last Thursday, when her money ran out, she went to the civic offices.

“All I wanted was somewhere to stay until the council caught the snakes and sealed up the gaps in my flat. But they wouldn’t help, and called the police when I refused to go.

“The police came and were lovely. They refused to evict me and told the council to let us sleep on the floor in reception. It was pretty uncomfortable but at least there weren’t snakes.” The following day MP Mark Lancaster intervened and the council agreed to make the flat snake proof.

Meanwhile the reptiles have been identified as corn snakes – non venomous but still capable of biting.

A council spokesman said temporary accommodation was arranged for Ms Poku over the weekend while contractors endeavoured to find the snakes.

“This has been an unusual case... It has not been a very nice thing to happen for this family, he said.

Meanwhile sympathetic council leader Pete Marland has called for an investigation into what went wrong.