Social enterprise is calling out for autistic staff in Milton Keynes after surge in demand from UK companies

pic: Grey Corporate
pic: Grey Corporate

Auticon, a unique social enterprise, which exclusively employs IT consultants on the autism spectrum, is calling out for dozens of autistic adults across Milton Keynes with the right skillset to join its office – following a surge in demand from UK companies for their consultants’ technological ability.

Auticon only launched in London last year and received funding from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group in October 2016. The social enterprise currently employs 15 full time autistic IT consultants but needs to recruit dozens more to meet rising demand from UK companies.

Current clients include major blue chip companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline and Experian, as well as a number of UK SMEs and start ups.

Auticon UK’s CEO, Ray Coyle, said: “We are calling out for autistic adults, who have an interest in technology, to apply to join Auticon. We have had great responses from major blue chip clients, who really value the skills our consultants bring – so great in fact, that we are now unable to meet demand due to a shortage of consultants.

“We know that the full time employment rate for autistic people in the UK is only 16%. We know that many of our consultants may not have degrees or may have struggled in the workplace before. For Auticon, it’s our consultants’ skillset that’s important. We want as many autistic adults as might be interested to apply.

“Auticon was founded because we saw that so many talented individuals, who wanted long term employment and had so much to offer, were missing out. Our consultants are at least as skilled as non-autistic staff – and in many areas surpass ‘neurotypicals’ and outclass the competition to a measurable degree – which is why our consultants are so sought after.”

In the UK, only 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment, despite 77% of people with autism on out of work benefits wanting to work.

Auticon is unique in directly employing autistic IT consultants, and offers them full support in the form of professional job coaches and IT project managers.

These job coaches advise clients on creating autism-friendly work environments and support consultants, as needed, to ensure they feel comfortable and are able to fulfil their potential.

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