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Millions of Brits turned out to see near-total solar eclipse, and Milton Keynes astronomers were among the sky-gazers.

Some lucky sky-watchers got to experience the full extent of the event as the moon crossed in front of the sun, covering up to 97 per cent of its face.

Local amateur astronomer Ross Hockham told us: “It was a bit cloudy at first but my £500 12-inch Dobsonian telescope did me proud.

“The sky was cloudy to begin with but cleared enough for me to use my humble iPhone to take these shots, as the moon covered the sun the fields around me dimmed and suddenly it got pretty chilly.

“As I viewed the eclipse with a homemade filter using certified film bought online and a cardboard box, I was approached by interested locals who I encouraged to view the site with me, we saw the whole thing in crystal clarity just going to prove that a true beginner can still get fantastic shots without breaking the bank.

“Afterwards Emberton Sports Ground where I do all my stargazing kindly invited me in for free coffee and cake, which made my day.”

Greg Rutherford statue at the eclipse - photo by Steven May

Greg Rutherford statue at the eclipse - photo by Steven May

Mr Hockham runs a Facebook astronomy group at

Meanwhile Steven May took his own atmospheric photo. He created a 2D sculpture of a jumping man which was inspired by MK’s own Greg Rutherford when he won his Olympic gold medal three years ago.

Colin Price got his own impressive image this morning from Caldecotte Lakes, and Shirley Jenkins got an equally breath-taking shot at from Hodge Lea at 9.10am.

The last solar eclipse of such significance occurred on August 11, 1999, and was “total” - with 100 per cent of the Sun covered - when seen from Cornwall.

Colin Price eclipse photo

Colin Price eclipse photo

There will not be another “deep” partial eclipse visible in the UK until August 12, 2026, and the next total eclipse not until September 2090.

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Shirley Jenkins eclipse photo

Shirley Jenkins eclipse photo