Solar success for city

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AN enviromentally-conscious local company has helped the BBC decide whether solar panels are a good idea.

Experts at Ecohouse UK Ltd were recruited for an Inside Out investigation into the fast-growing solar power industry, which was aired on Monday night.

They were filmed fitting photovoltaic panels to a house in Heelands, where the owner took advantage of the government’s subsidy scheme to cut his electricity bills by up to three quarters.

The Feed In Tariff, introduced almost exactly a year ago, guarantees to pay a fixed sum for each unit of electricity produced by the householder’s panels.

Said Ecohouse director Ian Hornblow: “We firmly believe solar energy is the perfect solution for the environment and the economy. We are passionate about bringing Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK in line with Europe in the solar power stakes.

“For every system that is currently installed in this country, Germany, which has identical weather patterns, has 1,200 systems. That shows how behind we are.”

Realising there is some criticism of the generous Government incentive scheme, the Ecohouse crew admitted they were nervous about the verdict of the Inside Out investigation.

“We wanted them to be fair so we simply showed them what we do and let them decide for themselves. We had no idea what they would screen, so it was a fairly anxious moment when we sat down to watch the show,” said Ian.

“In fact, it was great and solar energy same up trumps, proving that electricity bills can be cut dramatically for the average householder using free energy from the sun.

“The Inside Out crew were brilliant and we were delighted to help.”