'˜Solution to homeless crisis' and '˜How could they be so cruel to her' this week's letters to the Milton Keynes Citizen

A round up of this week's letters to the Milton Keynes Citizen from our readers.

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 12:05 pm
Homelessness is rife in MK
Homelessness is rife in MK

Solution to MK homeless crisis

Across the area of Milton Keynes, there are well in excess of 100 unoccupied properties.

These properties are unoccupied for various reasons, but in most cases are completely habitable, for immediate occupation.

Milton Keynes is troubled by people sleeping rough, and troubled because a prosperous city such as MK should not have such a situation, and citizens troubled by begging.

Now there is no reason whatsoever why MK Council cannot give notice to owners of such properties, that unless within three months of their notice the properties are not occupied, the council will take them over, paying a nominal rental for each.....and then house the homeless.

For those being housed it must be a condition that they will seek employment immediately, to contribute financially towards their accommodation.

Throughout MK there is a shortage of staff in so many diverse industries,shops,restaurants etc, and so many problems could be solved.

Food banks can also work in conjunction with the authorities, as they would know exactly where these newly housed people were accommodated.

P Richards

Sandwell Court

Milton Keynes

Putting the record straight

Reference, John Taylor’s column, Citizen, January 4; thank goodness – the rumour is scotched.

Ray, of Raymond Charles hairdressers, Denmark Street, Fenny Stratford, has confirmed he has no intention of retiring, and any doubts can now definitely be allayed. So loyal customers, and newcomers seeking the ambience of a traditional barbers, can be rest assured that thankfully the long tradition is to be continued long into the future.

John Taylor

by email

How could they be cruel to her?

With great sadness I read the story about Grace, the Great Dane that died after being found tied to a post in a horrific c ondition, Citizen, January 4.

How can a human being be so cruel. It was lovely to hear about the kind young man Joseph to help make her last hours loved.

I only hope the owner will be found and gets what he deserves. No animal should have to suffer like beautiful Grace. RIP


Shenley Church End

You help Sally Army to serve

Once again, the citizens of Milton Keynes have shown their huge generosity in the donation of their time, goods and food so that we were able to give many, many families Christmas food hampers together with Christmas gift hampers for children. In addition our Christmas Day lunch was very successful and everyone who came really enjoyed themselves.

Throughout the past year local people never stopped giving. Our stalls at Bletchley Market on a Thursday and the car boot at the Irish Centre on a Saturday are an invaluable source of income for us and a huge thank you goes to our customers.

The generosity of the people of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas enables us to serve our local community and extend a helping hand to those who are friendless, homeless and in need.

God bless you.

Majors Bram and Irene Williams

Corps Officers at the Milton Keynes Corps of The Salvation Army

Frothy-mouthed extremism lives

In a November letter to this paper, Phil Filsell asked of those urging friendly & constructive engagement with the EU, “what planet are these individuals on?”

He then went on to say “the present… leaders of Germany and France are as much the enemy as was Germany in 1939”, he wishes that “top man” Erdogen were in charge of the UK and that he would arrest individuals people as “enemies of the state” for doing nothing more than engaging in their democratic rights. Mr Filsell almost seems to confuse debt held by the City of London with debt held by the United Kingdom and thinks that the UK Government are in a position to call in EU debt.

I would like to ask Mr Filsell, what planet are you on?

Before and after the Referendum debate on this subject has been poisoned by this sort of frothy-mouthed extremism.

How does one possibly respond do it?

We are leaving the EU but if Mr Filsell’s letter is indicative of the future of democratic debate in this country then it seems that the beacon of democracy and tolerance has well and truly passed from the Mother of Parliaments to the Deutscher Bundestag.

Kieran Madden

by email

Wood stoves a dirty, hippy fad

How long will it be before all the rural eco warriors have their wood burning Stoves banned or fitted with a device to stop the toxic particles being released into the atmosphere?

Studies show that pollution levels in cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Norwich show that 31 per cent of toxic particles in the air come from wood burning stoves.

Having a wood burner has been likened to having a diesel engine chugging away on the roof.

The Stove Industry Alliance has said that new designs will slash emissions within five years. It doesn’t mention about the 1.25 million already poisoning everyone.

Let us not forget the decimation of the woodlands all over Britain supplying this hippy fad and the need to transport the logs all contributing to pollution.

Every rural village and town is inundated by these toxic stoves and the sooner legislation is brought in to control these very polluting and environmental destroying devices the better for everyone outside of the house where these stoves are installed.

Bob French

by emaiI

Remember why we’re Brexiting

As we remember the one hundredth anniversary of the First World War 1914-1918 a war that nearly wiped out the male youth of a continent we must also not forget the ferocious battles to win the Second World War with a combined total of 75 million dead. We should be honouring the veterans of WW11 that are still living, never forgetting the ones who died, they are the ones who deserve to be the knights and dames of the country.

Theresa May was quick to praise the emergency services in the Grenfell tower tragedy but fails to recognise their bravery and commitment in the New Years honours list instead honouring failed politicians like Nick Clegg.

We must keep focused during this year on the ongoing negotiations for us leaving the European Union, because Germany will be heavily involved making sure we are punished just because we exercised our democratic right to leave the EU. Never forgetting that twice Germany tried to rule the continent of Europe and razed it to the ground as a defeated retreating army and their barbaric actions carried out in the name of the fatherland must never be erased from history books. I am not a believer in the Prime Minister or her current Brexit team but we are stuck with them and hopefully they can get us out of the EU without being savaged by Germany and France. But nor do I believe anything Jeremy Corbyn says because he keeps changing his mind and policies.

The remainers will keep up Project Fear totally ignorning why 17,410,742 voted to bring back sovereignty and control of our borders and no longer be subjected to the ruling of the European Court of Justice, ECJ who keep vetoing decisions of the UK’s Supreme Court preventing the deportation of hundreds of EU criminals who have been allowed into the EU under freedom of movement.

We are constantly been told of the advantageous opportunity of trading freely in the customs union and single market but the truth is we pay a hefty fee for the privilege of trading with 500 million people.

Sean Spillane