Sons dumped dead mum’s cat

Blossom the cat was dumped in a field by son of deceased owner
Blossom the cat was dumped in a field by son of deceased owner

WHEN an elderly woman died and left behind her beloved cat, she trusted her sons to take care of the pampered pet until the end of its days.

But the two siblings had another callous plan for 17-year-old Blossom – one that would land them in the criminal courts.

In a move that would horrify their late mother, Nicholas and Daniel Winters plotted together to put their feline inheritance – who already suffered from a heart condition – into a cat carrier, creep out to an 182-acre common and dump her near the bushes.

The disposal mission was carried out by Nicholas Winters in Newport Pagnell’s Bury Field while the rest of the city was celebrating the Diamond Jubilee weekend, Milton Keynes magistrates heard last week.

He left the carrier on the grass with the flap open in the hope the cat would fend for itself.

But the brothers, who both pleaded guilty to being involved in the abandonment of a cat by failing to meet its welfare needs, made one stupid mistake – they left an old label on the carrier showing an address.

Blossom was eventually found by a member of the public. She had been out for several days and was wandering in and out of the carrier looking thin and bemused, say the RSPCA.

The incident was reported to RSPCA Inspector Sue Haywood, who promptly traced the brothers for prosecution.

Magistrates ordered Nicholas Winters, of Tennyson Drive, Newport Pagnell, to pay a fine of £330 and costs of £500.Daniel Winters, of Century Avenue, Oldbrook, was fined £75 with £100 costs.

After the case an RSPCA spokesman said it was understood Daniel Winters inherited Blossom after his mother died, but the cat did not get on with his dog.

The spokesperson added: “We hope that this court sentence sends out a clear message to people that you cannot go around just dumping animals when you no longer want them. You have a responsibility under law to care and look after them.”

Meanwhile Blossom’s sad tale had a happy ending. She is now living a life of luxury with an RSPCA fosterer in Cranfield. After vets’ treatment for her heart, she is thriving and putting on weight.

She said: “She will stay with me until the very end. She’s a beautiful, affectionate cat who was clearly loved by her owner and now she is loving being spoiled once more.”