Soul edifying sounds

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The London Community Gospel Choir will bring some harmony to The Stables this Thursday evening – not that the venue is usual out of tune!

The soul-edifying sorts are on the road as part of their 30th anniversary, and they’ve had quite some journey over the years: They’ve performed all over the world and stage-shared with legends including Elton John, Madonna and James Brown.

An intimate show by an exceptional collective.

Foundations front man Clem Curtis visits again on Friday, for his local show, after all, he is resident in these parts.

“It’s always been a great pleasure to be at The Stables,” he says, “I’ve travelled around the world and am looking forward to coming home to my favourite venue right in my own backyard.”

And Clem isn’t the only local face about the place this week: The Barron Knights are back on Saturday night.

Guess what?

They love the venue too!

“It has such a great atmosphere and from our point of view it’s just great to perform close to home and meet up with old friends,” said frontman Pete Langford.

“The show is called soundtrack of Our Lives, and we have a load of new material for all the folks.

We don’t want to be known for doing the same old stuff.”

Still loving it, and in their 51st year of merry music making. See, it’s not only Cliff who has longevity!

The Billake Sissoko Quartet play on Sunday evening.

Ballake is one of Mali’s greatest exponents of the kora – a 21 stringed harp.

Want to hear something as exceptional as it is unusual?

This is the gig for you.

Coope, Simpson, Fraser & Freye bring in the festive feel on Monday night, and the The Leisure Society go all indie-folk-chamberpop on Tuesday, before Mostly Autumn get busy rock side on Wednesday evening.

As for the lady on the right?

She is Emily Maguire, and will wow Stage 2 0n Saturday evening.

Her current album Bird Inside A Cage has flown high (well, what’s a little pun every now and then?) and her show is all but sold out.

Chance your luck for returns on MK 280800.