Sowing the Seedlings of Love


Seedlings Children’s Centre in Grange Farm lived up to their horticultural name this week when they took on a gardening project with the help of staff from Santander.

The centre received the support of six staff from their Milton Keynes head office, as well as £250 to help with planting, painting and other gardening tasks.

The garden was designed by parent, Angela Boville, who attends the centre. She based her design on a Jack and the Beanstalk theme inspired by a ‘story sacks’ course which she had attended at the centre. Local families joined the Santander staff on the day to create hanging baskets, planters and paint the Jack and the Beanstalk mural.

The successful gardening project came just days after Seedlings Children’s Centre celebrated one of their parents becoming MK’s first ever Women and Work ‘Woman of the Year’. Mum of three Esther Hughes received the accolade after being nominated by staff at Seedlings who felt her dedication to the Grange Farm community and families using the centre made her a sure winner. Esther has actively taken part in activities at the centre since 2010 and in that time she has set up a support group for working mums, created a facebook group for Grange Farm residents to help them get to know each other, and set up another facebook page to support those running their own businesses. She does this on top of running her own business, being an active member or the children’s centre advisory board and user forum, as well as many other community projects.

Sam Ball, Seedlings Children’s Centre Coordinator, said: “We are all really proud of Esther for becoming the first ever MK Woman of the Year. Esther has been inspiration to other families as well engaging the wider community.

“Thanks also to the Santander staff and all our families who came to help create such a wonderful garden area for our children and their parents to enjoy.”

Ben Gilbert, Data Quality and Structural System Tables Team Manager at Santander, said: “We had a very productive day at Seedlings and the experience was extremely rewarding. Everyone involved had a great time and we will definitely be looking to take part in more schemes like this in the future.”