Spare a few bob for BOB

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PEOPLE are being encouraged to support the Berks, Oxon and Bucks Air Ambulance between September 24 and 30 forNational Air Ambulance Week (‘NAAW’).

NAAW is an initiative put together by the Air Ambulance Association (‘AAA’), the organisation which unites not only Air Ambulance charities from across the country, but also operators and ambulance services. The Association gives a national voice to a local service.

Sarah Williamson, Fundraising Manager at Air Ambulance BOB said, “We’re joining together with other local Air Ambulances across the country, to ask everyone to get involved during National Air Ambulance Week.”

“Why not hold a mufti or a dress up/dress down day at your school, college or work place? We believe fundraising should be fun and an event like this is easy to organise and takes very little pre planning. We can also help with posters, stickers and wristbands for those taking part.”

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that all monies raised will stay locally, helping to keep your local Air Ambulance flying.

To register your event or find out more about how you can help contact Sarah Williamson at Air Ambulance BOB on 0300 999 0135 or send an email