Sparks fly in the House of Commons over Milton Keynes’ electric buses


City MP Iain Stewart was forced to defend the previous council administration and Arriva last night as a mini storm brewed in the House of Commons over MK’s new electric buses.

Only hours before Ed Miliband announced that Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh would be moved to International Development, an argument broke out in the House as she insisted that Labour had been the providers of the new electric bus route in Milton Keynes.

Mary Creagh MP said: “It was very nice to see that the Labour council had worked with Arriva to introduce the first all-electric bus route with charging plates.”

But she was set straight by Mr Stewart, MP for MK South, who told her it was a Tory initiative.

Later in the debate the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick Mcloughlin, also sought to get the correct picture out, stating, “Perhaps I can also set the record straight in relation to Milton Keynes. The scheme to which the honourable member for Wakefield referred was in fact started by Milton Keynes council when it was Conservative controlled.

“The pressure for it came from my Parliamentary Private Secretary, my honourable friend the member for Milton Keynes South Iain Stewart.”

Following the debate Mr Stewart said: “It is such a shame that in Milton Keynes we have Ed Miliband’s candidate for Milton Keynes South and a Labour Council that are trying their very best to take credit for hard won Conservative successes.

“I think it was absolutely right that the Secretary of State and I spoke out in the Chamber and got the facts out on this issue.

“The previous administration and Arriva worked extremely hard to ensure this route was put in place and I think it is so wrong another political party should pretend that they are responsible for it.”