Special edition MK Monopoly is a sell out

MPMC MK Monopoly
MPMC MK Monopoly

The official customised Monopoly board for Milton Keynes is proving ‘hot property’.

The board, which launched last month, is on a second print run – with a third one poised to meet the Christmas rush.

MK retailers say they are laughing all the way to the MONOPOLY bank, such has been the demand, with Waitrose targeting a 1,000 board sales at just one MK branch. Today Waitrose presented the 1,000th MK Monopoly customer with 1,000 ten pences - £100.

Matt Holmes, Waitrose Oakgrove branch manager, said: “At this rate, come Christmas Eve, the only ones left could well be those on Santa’s sleigh.

“It’s pretty much our best seller this Yuletide and we are selling out fast.”

A spokesperson for Winning Moves UK, makers of the board under licence from Hasbro, said: “The popularity of the board has taken us very much by surprise. “We are on our second print run and a third one is poised.”

The board features many of MK’s favourite landmarks, including the city’s trademark Concrete Cows, stadium;mk, intu Milton Keynes and the MK Citizen,located on the board’s Community Chest.

In all, 22 MK landmarks replace the famous London Monopoly property sites and streets - from the Concrete Cows on Old Kent Road to the strategically sought after Vine Street, which is now intu Milton Keynes.

Meanwhile, a week tomorrow the official and first ever MK Monopoly Championships takes place to celebrate the board’s popularity.

Entries for the event, at intu Milton Keynes, close at midnight tonight (Nov 21).

The championship, with semi-finals and a final being played at intu Milton Keynes - is being played on the official brand new Monopoly: Milton Keynes Edition board, which was launched on October 24.

Martin Hindson, general manager at intu Milton Keynes, said:“We’re thrilled that the Milton Keynes Monopoly Championships are taking place at intu Milton Keynes.

“We are sure of a very exciting day of competition and are looking forward to crowning the first ever – and official MK Monopoly champ.”

The winner will Pass GO and collect games goodies, including a signed copy of the Monopoly: Milton Keynes Edition board.

The winner will also collect intu Milton Keynes shopping vouchers to take the total of the winning prize to £200. Every Grand Finalist gets a board. Also there will be a signed board up for grabs to passing shoppers as throughout the day MK MONOPOLY makers Winning Moves UK are running a Monopoly Leader board Challenge.

Shoppers are invited to Pass GO once round the new MK board. They will throw the dice and keeping throwing them until they ‘Pass GO’ once. At the end of the day whoever has accumulated the most money - including assets - will win a signed board.

The Monopoly: Milton Keynes Edition board is available at John Lewis, The Works, Toys R Us, Waitrose, Waterstones and WH Smith. It is also available widely online, including amazon.co.uk