Special postmark for Great British Fashion stamp approved

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park

Royal Mail has approved a special Milton Keynes postmark for the new “Great British Fashion” stamp, issued this week.

This is the third such postmark for Milton Keynes this year with the other two being the February Alan Turing Centenary and the April Station X issues.

The postmarks were designed by Bletchley Park Post Office and used at Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant, London, HQ to cancel the new stamps on their first day of issue.

Bletchley Park Post Office also created limited edition envelopes to carry the new stamps on their first day of issues. These are sought after by collectors around the world so those Milton Keynes postmarks are well travelled.

The Turing issue was a sell out and “Station X” is heading the same way. For the Fashion issue a 1940’s theme has been used to tie in with Bletchley Park’s ‘Forties Weekend’ on May 26 and 27.

So the once top secret tiny post office is doing its bit for Milton Keynes as well as Bletchley Park.