Speed limit review after increase in traffic collisions


The number of serious road accidents in Milton Keynes has increased by almost a quarter in four years.

Since 2010 31 people have died on city roads, with accidents proving to be five times more likely to cause collisions at junctions.

Following a study by the council’s road safety team the council will begin a three-year project looking at the city’s roads, including the possibility of cutting speed limits to 40mph.

But Councillor Denise Brunning, chairman of the community safety, crime and policing committee, warned that cutting speed limits may not resolve the issue.

She said: “We need to cure human error to stop people being killed or seriously injured on our roads.

“The fact that someone has died does not mean someone was speeding.

“The number of people and cars in MK is increasing, however what I think is changing is people’s mentality and their care and attention.

“If the council reduces all speed limits we are just

reacting, we’re not solving the problem.”

In 2010, there were 647 recorded crashes across Milton Keynes, in comparison to 707 in 2013.

The study will begin immediately.

Councillor Mick Legg, cabinet member for public realm, stressed there would be no blanket changes.

He said: “One death is one too many. We are committed to improving road safety.

“Our record is not good over the past two years, with casualties going into double figures, but we are now looking to make changes.

“We are not saying that we will implement a speed limit of 40mph on all of our roads. It will not be a ‘one solution suits all’.”