Speeding fines may be ‘illegal’

30 mph 1
30 mph 1

SCORES of speeding tickets could be declared illegal after red-faced council officials admitted they made a blunder in their paperwork.

In its haste to reduce the speed limit on a stretch of busy A5130 near Broughton, the council failed to fill in its forms correctly.

This week it admitted there had been “an oversight” on the traffic order to change the limit from 40 mph to 30 mph between Northfields roundabout and Salford Road.

The matter only came to light when motorist Michael Bailey decided to conduct some research.

“I was caught by a police speed trap doing 37 mph on June 7.

“I wanted to find out when the speed limit changed on that stretch of road so asked for the traffic order.

“That was when it was discovered there had been a mistake and the order hadn’t been properly completed.”

Mr Bailey said Milton Keynes Council readily admitted the blunder.

“The council was really helpful and agreed that the invalid traffic order meant my ticket was not valid.”

But trying to persuade the police was a different matter, he said.

“There seems to be a lack of communication between the police and the council and the police still say the ticket is fine.”

Mr Bailey, who had agreed to do a police course in lieu of points on his driving licence, is worried other motorists have paid fines and taken points on their licence unnecessarily.

The speed limit on the road, a popular access route to Junction 14 on the M1 was changed in May, But the correct paperwork was not submitted until June 17, up to six weeks later.

“On the day I was caught I saw at least six other drivers stopped,” said Mr Bailey.

A council spokesman told the Citizen this week that any drivers in doubt about tickets issued between May and June should write to the police Fixed Penalty Unit in Banbury.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately due to an oversight on the traffic order, FPNs issued for excessive speed on this stretch of road could be invalid.

“A new traffic order limiting the speed to 30mph has been made.

“We would remind people that the speed limit is 30mph for a reason – and the relevant signage continues to make this speed restriction clear.”