Spend two days teetotal

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Wine Drinking for stock''Wk 49 MPMC

A COMMITTEE of MP’s has said that people should have at least two days a week where they don’t drink alcohol.

Sorry? Who are they addressing, alcoholics? That’s the easiest advice I have ever heard given to any regular person.

Most people don’t feel the need to drink when they go home, at least not every night. If they do then they have a problem.

If you NEED a drink to relax at the end of the day then there is something wrong with you. There are so many other ways you can unwind after a stressful day.

Trust me I’ve had some awful days at the office but they don’t see me reaching for a drink.

I’m not saying I’m some sort of saint and I don’t ever drink, I’m just saying that it’s relatively easy to go for two, three, four sometimes even five or six days without having a drink.

And even when it gets to the seventh day, unless I’m going out I still don’t feel the need to drink.

Recommended safe drinking limits for people are set at 21 units a week for men, with no more than four in a day, and 14 units a week for women, with no more than three a day.

Which limit are the Government looking to push? Do they want us to avoid drinking for two days a week or do they want us to stick to a prescribed number of units?

I’ll admit that if you’re on a night out it is often very difficult to stick to the four units of alcohol a day limit as that equates to around two pints of beer.

But not drinking for two days a week should be incredibly easy for most normal people and is a useless piece of advice to give out.

It’s like saying don’t eat junk food for two days every week – the rest of the week is open season so go nuts or just restrict yourself to so many calories every day.

OK maybe I’m being a little flippant about it but the point is that it’s very easy to say things publicly that are understood to be common practice.

I don’t understand the point of them saying it to be honest. If they are looking to cut down the number of units a day people drink, just say that.

If you are looking to cut out binge drinking then tackle that head on and advise people to stick to a weekly limit.

There is nothing wrong with facing an issue straight without all this pointless messing around.

Because if you issue throwaway, nothing comments like ‘take two days off a week from alcohol’ then expect more responses like this one.

Drinking is all about self control. Only people themselves, regardless of stupid advice, will make their own decisions.

A Government guideline is certainly not going to change that.