Spot checks reveal majority of city door staff comply with regulations

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Police carried out spot checks on Saturday to check the compliance of city door staff, to find 14 of 85 failed.

Thames Valley Police and the Security Industry Authority carried out spot checks on Saturday to check the legitimacy and compliance of those operating as door supervisors at 19 pubs and clubs.

Licensing officers and representatives from SIA checked 85 supervisors from around 10pm to 3am.

Of those, 14 failed to comply with SIA licensing by not notifying of criminal convictions, or of a change of address.

The compliance rate in MK was 84 per cent overall.

Those who do not comply with the license conditions will be dealt with by a warning, although serious breaches such as not being licensed can be reported.

This is the first time Thames Valley Police has undertaken door supervisor spot checks on this scale as part of the Force policy to make the environment of the night-time economy as safe as possible.

TVP Licensing co-ordinator Ben Clarke said: “Well-trained, licensed door staff are key to making the night-time environment safe in our towns and cities. At their best, they are able to anticipate potential offences and prevent them getting out of hand or at least keeping the public safe until the police can arrive. They can also make a big difference by supporting the police through physical and evidential assistance.

“Untrained, unlicensed door staff could have the opposite effect and make the situation worse. Having this type of scrutiny has obvious benefits for the public, the police and the premises themselves, making sure that everyone is compliant to the SIA standards.”