Sri Lankan Tamils release Peace Doves in Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes Tamil Forum welcomed members of the Sri Lankan Tamil community to the Conniburrow Community Centre on on Wednesday.

Monday, 22nd May 2017, 10:27 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:42 pm
Preparing to release the doves

They came together to remember the many thousands of their kith and kin who lost their lives in the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka, which ended in 2009.

It would be true to say that every family in Milton Keynes has lost someone.

Prof. Pugazhenthi, from the College of Fine Arts in Chennai gave a moving speech recalling the suffering experienced by the Tamil population over the years, since the acquisition of independence from Britain.

The doves take flight

Though the war ended nine years ago, full reconciliation and harmony are still to be achieved, but efforts are being made towards this end by the United Nations.

An exhibition of paintings by Prof. Pugazhenthi who visited Sri Lanka during one of the ceasefires in the civil war, was present at the event.

Tributes were paid to the fallen, and 10 peace doves were released as a sign of hope that total peace would once again grace the island of Sri Lanka.

The doves take flight