Stanton Low Park transferred into the care of Milton Keynes Parks Trust

Milton Keynes Council has completed work to establish Stanton Low Park and transferred it into the care of The Parks Trust.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 12:10 pm
Updated Monday, 8th August 2016, 1:15 pm

The park, which covers 50 hectares of land offering stunning views across the Great Ouse Valley, lies next to the Grand Union Canal and the Oakridge Park housing development in Stantonbury.

The provision of the Park, along with other areas of open space and children’s play areas within Oakridge Park, was a planning requirement of the new 530-home development. Following engagement with stakeholders, interest groups and residents Milton Keynes Council prepared a Master Plan, secured planning permission and undertook the implementation and construction, using funds from a planning agreement with the housing developer, and have now transferred it into the custodianship of The Parks Trust.

As well as the new parkland, the land transfer from Milton Keynes Council to The Parks Trust included the archaeological remains of the ancient St Peter’s Church, which lies in the north west corner of Stanton Low Park and has recently benefited from conservation work by the Council, and Joan’s Piece, an area of plantation woodland on the west side of the Canal overlooking Bradwell Lake.

“We’re delighted that Milton Keynes Council has delivered such an excellent new park, which is a tremendous asset for local people to enjoy,” said Phil Bowsher, Head of Landscape, Strategy & Development.

“The Trust is pleased to be able take this land and to look after it for evermore for the benefit of the public.

“Our aims are to conserve the area’s archaeological heritage and wildlife-rich meadows and to maintain the park’s new facilities, including children’s play areas, footpaths and seating, in the best possible condition for use by the local community.”

“This transfer follows a lot of detailed groundwork carried out by Milton Keynes Council, working closely with the developers to maximise their contribution to the local area under a planning agreement designed to provide amenities to this new estate,” said Paul Sanders, Assistant Director Community Facilities at Milton Keynes Council.

“It is a good example of partnership between a range of stakeholders and will allow future residents, and visitors, to enjoy this stunning park, together with its associated historical and cultural assets.”