Stantonbury A Level results improve again

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At Stantonbury Campus a number of students achieved some fantastic A Level results with head of sixth form Jon Adamson saying they were the best yet.

Carys Miller got two A stars in History and English and an A in Politics. She will now be going to Oxford to read English. But before she does she will be taking a gap year to help out on the Book Bus a charity which works in developing countries.

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She needed three As to get into Oxford and said the addition of an A star was an added bonus.

“I’m really happy and so are my parents. I’m sure we will be going out to celebrate.”

Florence Mutlow received an A star in Biology, As in Chemistry and Maths and a B in French. She will now go to Leeds University where she will be studying Medicine with a view to becoming a doctor.

Kulthum Saidi got two Bs in Sociology and Community and Culture and two Cs in English Language and Finance. She earned enough UCAS points to get into her chosen university at Coventry where she will be studying Marketing.

Mr Adamson said: “I am delighted with the results this year. The percentage of students getting As and Bs has risen to 42 per cent which is a huge improvement. They have put some really hard work in and OFSTED said we were an improving school, this is the proof of that.

“I’m really proud of the students and the teachers.”