Station Square all set for a facelift

Station Square
Station Square

THE gateway to the city is set to be spruced up as the council prepares to rejuvinate Station Square.

Members of Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet have agreed that, subject to a few minor tweaks to the proposed plans, the large area outside Milton Keynes Central train station be transformed to create a ‘positive statement for MK and the borough.’

The new square would see drop-off areas built outside the station, and parking bays moved to ease congestion.

The current station layout features an expansive concrete area with little in the way of signage to guide people into the heart of the city.

Consultation on the plan began back in 2006, when surveys were carried out to understand how people use the area and how they felt it could be improved.

With plans now being finalised, the regeneration work will cost around £3 million.

Council leader Councillor Cec Tallack is delighted work is ready to get under way, and believes the improvements will not just help newcomers to Milton Keynes.

“I think, the way it is at the moment, is very confusing for everyone, not just those who are new to the city.

“Station Square is not just about train passengers, but it is a transport interchange.

“We want people to continue on their routes effortlessly and easily, be that on a bus, bike, car or taxi, as they get around Milton Keynes.

“At the moment in Station Square, people are greeted with a fairly large expanse and it does not feel part of the town.

“You couldn’t tell you are just a short walk from Central Milton Keynes.

“But the changes should make it all that much better and we are delighted that we are so close to getting it all sorted and that we could see some real improvements in the next year or so.

“It is something we’ve looked forward to for a while.”

Work on the new area could get the go-ahead as soon as April and be completed by the end of 2011.