Station Square redevelopment to be finished today

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The redevelopment works at Station Square will be substantially completed by today.

The bus lanes will be in use as well as the bus stops. The ‘kiss and drop’ plus loading areas and taxi drop off points are already in operation and will continue as normal.

The final touches to the development will be the wayfinding (signposts) and finalised bus information which will be introduced in the next few days. Whilst this is ongoing there will be temporary signage to direct Station Square users.

Station Square is a main gateway to MK and therefore the right first impression is important to give to visitors when entering the city. It should also be an area that Milton Keynes’ citizens should be proud of and one that reflects the design theme of the central areas around it.

The changes were made at Station Square for a number of reasons. The design life of the previous layout had since exceeded and was no longer suitable for the large amount of users visiting the area on a daily basis. Passenger safety and traffic management were also deciding factors in the next layout designs which were agreed with full, ongoing consultation between Milton Keynes Council and the stakeholders.

The works began in summer 2011 and have seen the Square undergo a major facelift including resurfacing of the roads, a pedestrian walkway being introduced, bus and taxi areas being separated and new signage and shelters.

MK Council appreciate the patience all users have shown during the works phase and that the new square will be have a positive impact for all users for many years to come.

The new layout is available to view on the council’s website along with clear information on which areas are for which type of station user.

Visit the Station Square webpage at