Station X book is a real record breaker

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A BOOK of stories from Bletchley Park is topping the charts at Waterstones in the run up to Christmas.

Sinclair McKay’s ‘The Secret Life of Bletchley Park’ has sold more than 38,000 copies nationwide as people scramble to get their hands on a copy as an ideal gift.

And despite a store visit from Lee Evans to promote his new autobiography, ‘The Secret Life of Bletchley Park’ sold four-times as many copies in the Milton Keynes store.

So successful have sales been that the book has already broken publisher Aurum Press’ record to become their biggest seller – in just three months.

Branch manager Lisa Piselli said: “The reason why Sinclair’s book has had so much appeal is because it doesn’t focus on the technicalities of the codebreaking which can make for a bit of a tough read.

“Instead, he focuses on the stories of the people that worked there from boffins to tea-girls and their tireless dedication to breaking the codes.”

The book is currently 25 per cent off in Waterstones.