Stay safe and act responsibly over New Year say SCAS

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South Central Ambulance Service is urging revellers to stay safe and act responsibly during the New Year festivities.

Traditionally New Year’s Eve is the most demanding time for the service, and bosses are asking people not to provide added pressure by calling for an ambulance unnecessarily.

Mark Ainsworth, Operations Director said: “We’d encourage everyone to use us appropriately and only use 999 and A&E in a genuine emergency situation.

“Choosing the right place to go for NHS treatment can save you time, get you the right level of care first time around and help us respond to genuine life threatening medical emergencies. We also wouldn’t want people to start the New Year requiring medical attention, or worse, so people need to take care and act responsibly.”

For non-life threatening injury or illness, remember you can:

• Call 111 – if you urgently need medical help and it’s not a life threatening situation,

or if you simply need advice and are not sure of the correct route.

• Use NHS Direct online – if you need advice about conditions or medications, or

need to check your symptoms.

• Consult your local pharmacist – for illnesses such as coughs and colds,

diarrhoea, minor infections, headaches and also for travel advice. Your pharmacist

can also help you stock up with any first aid items for your home, business or


• Contact your GP or Out of Hours GP Service – for infections and persistent

symptoms such as ear pain, rashes, fevers, depression and generally feeling


• Visit your Minor Injuries Unit/ Walk In Centre – for injuries such as deep cuts,

eye injuries, severe sprains, minor head injuries, minor burns, scalds and bites.

Pharmacists, GPs, Minor Injuries Unist/ Walk In Centres and A&E information can be found by

using the ‘Find your nearest’ option on NHS Choices. NHS Direct online can also help with a guide of treatment of symptoms.