Stay safe during the floods warn authorities

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THE emergency services are advising people in Milton Keynes to take care when travelling through the borough after flooding in the area.

Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service have been working closely together along with the Environment Agency to monitor local conditions and to get necessary help to those who need it.

People across the city, and especially in Olney and Newport Pagnell, have reported flooding after a week of heavy rainfall, and authorities are warning people not to take unnecessary risks.

Andy Dickinson, Highways Network Coordinator at Milton Keynes Council said: “It’s vital for people to stay safe, despite the temptation of ‘saving a few minutes’ of travelling time.

“Signs mean roads are closed for a reason. Drivers who ignore the signs and drive on closed roads risk their own safety and that of their passengers, and may also find that doing so will invalidate the cover of services such as the RAC”.

Jason Thelwell, Assistant Chief Fire Officer from the Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service echoed this message by saying that “We are disappointed that some drivers have shown a complete disregard for their own safety and that of others”. He said that it requires considerable amount of resource to attend incidents where people have ignored flood warnings and attempted to drive through closed roads and these resources could be better used elsewhere to keep the community safe.

He added: “Emergency services will always attend incidents where there is a risk to life. However, we are urging everyone to obey the warning signs which have been put in place for their own safety”.

Supt Barry Halliday, Local Policing Area Commander for Milton Keynes, said “I advise the public to pay attention to any road closure barriers or signs in place. Roads are not closed without good reason. 

“Valuable time is often lost dealing with motorists who ignore these closures when this could be better used dealing with genuine emergencies.”

Gallery of flood pictures from around Milton Keynes.