Stig in the tale as 19 city motorists are hit by fines

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Nineteen unsuspecting motorists were left fuming when they were slapped with £60 penalty charges for parking in a usually free car park on the day hit BBC show Top Gear filmed in the city.

The drivers parked in the Grafton Gate car park close to Milton Keynes Central Station on Sunday – an area normally free to use at weekends.

However, operators Vinci Park, decided to suspend the free parking on Sunday, but still allowed access to the site. They claim adequate signs were displayed to inform motorists of the change, but some of those who picked up fines dispute that fact.

Ann White said in a letter to Vinci Park: “This car park has been free on Saturday and Sunday for many years and we use it regularly.

“There was clearly scant motivation on your part to properly advise people of this change in parking arrangements, otherwise you would have put up more of the temporary notices and at the entrance and exits.

“Why attach them to different posts than those advertising the normal arrangements?

“Why would you expect people to search for alternatives if they first see a notice telling them that charges apply on week days only?

“This experience could lead one to suspect that those responsible are either incompetent or deliberately setting out to confuse and therefore raise income by subterfuge. It is hard to find another reasonable explanation.

“What you did to us and to so many others was petty and unfair. Why would so many people fall for it?”