Still waiting for November’s cash

Civic Offices
Civic Offices
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A PHOTOGRAPHER who sold books to Milton Keynes Council is still awaiting payment – three months after her invoice was sent in.

Following revelations in the Citizen last week regardling the council’s late payment of 10 per cent of its invoices, Vicky Lamburn came forward explaining her plight.

After the library bought ten copies of her book ‘Impression Milton Keynes’, she said she billed the council for £150, but is still waiting to be paid despite submitting her invoice in November.

“I have yet to receive payment but I am supposedly due any day now – that’s now two and a half months ago,” she explained.

“I am waiting on a measly £150 but I can see how much damage this must do to local businesses whose livelihood depends on payment for services and goods that are of far higher value.

“The amount of money is small but important as it pays off the printing costs which are on credit and this bill has to be paid.

“I deal with Waterstone’s and Bertrams, one a very well known large bookshop, one the largest book distributor in the UK – big companies.

“They always pay quickly and well within the payment terms. I have never had to chase.

“Had I not chased the council after 60 days, I doubt I would have even been in line to be paid.”

The Citizen contacted the council for a statement on the matter but were unable to comment at the time of going to print. Visit for their statement when it is received.