Sting operation to get rid of bees

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A DOCTOR who is an amateur beekeeper has come under stinging criticism for ‘murdering’ thousands of bees in the canal.

Bletchley GP Dr Omar Abdalwhab was seen throwing his hive and its contents into the water on Friday after a neighbour complained of being stung.

“It was crazy. All I asked him to do was move the bees to the other side of his garden. I didn’t expect him to get cross and chuck them in the canal,” said pensioner Marie Martin.

Marie was weeding her garden next door to the doctor’s canalside home in New Bradwell’s Chipperfield Close when she felt several bees buzzing in her hair.

“I rushed inside and put my head under the tap to get them out. I’d been stung four times.”

Mrs Martin called beekeeping expert and Bucks Pest Control boss Alan Palmer, who offered to visit Dr Omar and advise him on aggressive swarms.

But when she reported this to her neighbour she was confronted by an unexpected ‘Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hive’ reaction. He told me to shut up. Then I saw him outside, wearing his beekeeping clothes, throwing the hive in the canal. All the bees were drowning and I felt sorry for them.”

Mrs Martin called the RSPCA, to be told they had no power to tackle cruelty to bees.

But the doctor’s bizarre bee-haviour has enraged Mr Palmer, who said he would have collected the unwanted swarm and even paid for it.

“Bees are precious creatures. Without them pollinating our crops the human race would die out within just a few years.”

“This whole incident was just so unnecessary.”

Dr Omar, who works at the Red House surgery, told the Citizen: “I did not mean to throw the bees into the canal. I was moving them because the neighbour said she’d take me to court if they stung her again.

“I was going to put them on the mooring but they started stinging me all over. It was my reaction to being stung that made the hive go in the water.”