Stony Council propose community orchard plans

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As part of the redevelopment of Mortimer Park, the Town Council is proposing to create a community orchard.

Mortimer Park is named after the late Pat Mortimer, a respected long serving Milton Keynes councillor for Stony Stratford and past member of Stony Stratford Town Council. It is the former Calverton Parish Recreation ground that was recently transferred into the parish of Stony Stratford.

The Council would like to see an orchard growing vintage apples and other fruit trees native to a 35 mile radius of Stony Stratford. Apart from that, the Town Council wants the local community to decide what it will look like and how it operates. It is also essential to the Town Council that local groups are involved in the maintenance and care of the orchard.

The Town Council would now like the community to discuss what they would like to see at the community orchard. This could include which varieties of trees they would like to be planted; the physical layout of the area; the use of the site for activities and community events; other possible planting options and any potential uses for the produce which is grown.

We will be inviting those attending to discuss their favourite elements and hope they will work as volunteers with us to look after the trees and the orchard in the future.

The Council and Stony in Bloom are also working together in putting together a Big Tree Plant application. This is Government scheme to encourage communities to work together in providing trees where ‘They live and work’. A number of sites have been identified. At the consultation next week the public will be consulted on the sites and be invited to identify other areas in the parish that could benefit from tree planting. Just as with the community orchard we are looking for volunteers to look after the trees for the future benefit of their areas.

For more information contact Ian Reed, Deputy Town Clerk at the Town Council: 01908 566726 or